Border Collies Are Awesome!

Hey there, here at the headquarters we love all dogs, but we do have to confess that we have some favorite breeds. One of our absolute faves is the Border Collie breed.

We love them for all sorts of reasons so we decided to create a list of the reasons why we think Border Collies are awesome:

Border Collies are from the border region between Northern England and Scotland. If you think of Hadrian’s Wall then you are in the right area. They are famous for being tough, hard, working and very intelligent. But that’s not all there is to know about this amazing breed of dog:

They Are Really Cute As Puppies

Yes, we had to start with puppers, as we love them so much! And yes we realize that all puppies are cute, but just take a look at this photo and tell us that Collie pups aren’t super cute?

They Make Amazing Family Pets

Collies need to be exercised a lot and trained well otherwise they can be a bit jumpy. This is due to their nature of being working dogs.

However they can still make great family pets as long as you put the time in with training and exercise.

It can also pay off to get ones bred for domestic use rather than from working stock. Different strains of the breed will be more suited to home life than others.

They Are Very Intelligent

Border Collies are known for being one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in the world.

This is one of the reasons why you will see them trained for so many different types of job, it is because they learn so quickly.

They Save People’s Lives

Collies are trained and used as rescue dogs all over the world.

One great example of this in the Lake District in the UK, in the area where they hail from, they are used as mountain rescue dogs.

They Are Awesome in Competition

Border Collies always excel in both obedience and agility competitions.

The combination of athleticism, intelligence and a deeply instinctual desire to work make them the perfect dog breed for dog handling competitions.

They Are Beautiful

Perhaps we are biased because we love the breed, but we think Collies are beautiful, why not let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree?

And if you are the owner of a Collie with separation issues please check this article out.

They Work REALLY Hard

At the core of their being, Collies are bred to be working dogs. If you have ever owned one you will understand this. They love to be active both physically and mentally.

The absolute best place to see Border Collies is in their working environment. Watching a farmer and his dogs rounding up sheep is to see something that has been going on for thousands of years.

It is a perfect example of the symbiotic relationship between man and dog and we think it is really beautiful.

They Starred in the Movie Babe

Ok we couldn’t resist finishing this on a fun one! Yes, the sheep dogs in the movie babe are all Border Collies and to be quite honest we think they are very good actors!

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