What is the Best Tool to Trim Dog Nails?

nail clippersFirstly, before we get into the discussion about tools for trimming dogs nails.

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So What is the Very Best Tool to Cut Dogs Nails Safely and Easily?

Let’s look at some of the different options that are available and then talk about which one we think is best for your pet pooch and why:

  1. Dog Nail Grinders
  2. A Dremel Multi-Tool
  3. Dog Nail Clippers
  4. Standard Scissors and a Nail File

Of these, by far, our preferred option for pet owners is to use purpose-built professional dog nail grinders.

We think they are the best to use for both you and your pet.

You can find out why and read some feedback on our best nail grinders for pets reviews.

Purpose-built grinders are easier to use and better than a bog-standard off the shelf Dremel tool.

They are designed just for use with dogs’ nails and so are safer (they come with a built-in safety guard and safety stop) and more functional for that purpose.

Pet nail clippers are ok, but they can be clumsy in unskilled hands, and it is really easy to cut too deep into the dog claw and damage it.

Using normal kitchen scissors and/or a nail file will do if you are in a rush and don’t have anything more suitable on hand.

We don’t recommend it unless you really need to and suggest you try and buy the right sort of professional kit to get the job done properly.

How Do Groomers Cut Dogs Nails?

Dog Groomers using guillotine clippersProfessional groomers are highly trained and highly skilled, so they can use multiple different techniques to cut a dog’s claws.

Also, each groomer will have his or her own preferences as to what is the best way to trim dog nails.

But here is the step-by-step process that they most often follow.

    1. Make friends with the dog.
    2. Lift the pup onto the grooming table and secure it with a collar and leash.
    3. Examine the dog’s nails and paws for any health concerns and general condition.
    4. Check to find the quick of the nails, so they know how far to cut.
    5. Trim the nails with either a nail grinder or by using a set of stainless steel dog nail clippers.
    6. Inspect and smooth off any rough edges with a file or grinding tool.
    7. Always finish up with a well-deserved treat, some praise, love, and attention for the pet dog.

(Before we carry on check out this post if you want to know if it is safe to trim dog nails with human clippers. Or this one if you want to know how to trim dog nails when they hate it).

A Quick Tip for Sharp Dog Claws

One really effective way of reducing the number of times your dog will need its nails trimming is also great for stopping claws from getting too sharp.

Is to make sure your dog gets lots of walks on roads or other rough, tough surfaces such as rocky paths, etc.

It really helps tame the sharpens of the nails, and it’s also healthy for him or her to get lots of exercise.

More Tips from Dog Groomers on Cutting or Trimming Dog Nails

Some short advice from a professional dog groomer sharing some excellent tips and advice to save you and your pup time and stress.

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