Best Dog Treats for Training Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds have traditionally been working dogs. They also make nice family pets because they can be quite gentle and are fiercely loyal.

They are excellent guard dogs, both in family and commercial environments, and of course, we all know they work for the police. Because the dogs are so smart and highly skilled, you’ll want the best dog treats for training your german shepherd to keep her motivated and on track.

Beef Liver Treats

Liver treats and sweet potato work nicely, as most dogs love the tastes. This container of liver snippets is nice, though, because they are each tiny.

When giving treats for good behavior, as in teaching a dog a specific task, you don’t want to be feeding them a lot. The idea is to give a tiny reward, so he keeps on learning. Also, teaching and learning are very repetitive.

You would go through a lot of treats real fast if you didn’t monitor and portion out what you give.

The nuggets are made in the USA from USDA Certified ingredients at a company that is over forty years old. They use one ingredient only for this product, and it is one hundred percent beef liver.

There are no additives, fillers, or chemicals to worry about. I can’t imagine there being too many dogs that wouldn’t snap these up in a jiffy!

So if you want to give your dog something natural and know that he will keep coming back for more, the best dog treats for training German Shepherd are small or breakable liver snippets.

Why The Difference:

In training any dog, the idea is to encourage them to complete the assigned task. That means the reward has to be something the dog wants or craves. Further, it needs to be in moderation if it is eaten, unlike a toy.

When you feed your pet to clean her teeth or provide added nutrients to the diet, you will give a certain portion. And in some cases, like with a veggie bone, it is a rather large amount.

But when training, you can’t let the dog stop to eat that big thing all at once. Plus, you can’t give her that much every time you say the words “good dog” to her. She’d be sick, and she’d be totally overweight.

On the contrary, a training treat is just a symbol of a job well done. It is a tiny morsel to keep her engaged and wanting to do more. Of course, the dog is interested in that tidbit, but also in the fact that it has done something to please you.

As the treats are produced in the facility, they are made in a very tiny format, or they are biscuit-like with little indented lines so that you can break them apart easily.

I buy packages of the best dog treats for training a German Shepherd, but I am not training my dog, and he is not a GSD. The bag does have a picture of the Shepherd on it, but I like them because they are convenient.

My dog has gotten into the habit of every time he comes in from the back yard, he stops at the dog food cupboard and waits. He wants something from there, so if I can give him one of those tiny morsels, he is happy. I haven’t given him too much, and then he is not bugging me for my stuff afterward.

Given that the dog may get a good handful in the course of learning something new or a special task, the treats must be nutritional. Dogs are hilarious creatures sometimes.

In fact, they are like humans. If you eat too much junk food or cakes and cookies all the time, then at some point, that is all you want to eat. You forget about the good stuff. And you don’t want your dog turning up his nose at his proper food.

For examples of what to treat your pup, there is a selection of excellent brands on Amazon. Look for Old Mother Hubbard * Full Moon * jack & pup

The key to using the food while teaching the animal is to make sure you only give it when he shows progress. You can’t give it for every little cute thing he does. Otherwise, there will be no learning.

In fact, he will have learned that he can have something for nothing, which is fine at other times, but he needs monitoring during sessions.

On the reverse side, if the dog can’t get the task and is tiring, he does need the treat, so he doesn’t become bored with the whole exercise. You don’t want to mentally exhaust him to the point where he never wants to learn new things.

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