Best Dog Sunscreen – A Buyer’s Guide

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Sadly many dog owners do not realize that their dogs need to wear sunscreen to protect them in sunny weather.

Our pet dogs can get sunburned just like us humans can.

Also, too much sun can cause them to get more serious conditions and diseases, even skin cancer (just like it can with humans).

So looking for the best sun dog sunscreen for your pet dog is a very sensitive task to get started with.

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Dog Sunscreen – What to Look Out For

So, when you are looking for the best dog sunscreen for your canine companion, what features should you make sure to keep an eye out for?

What are the things that really matter?

Does it Protect the Dog’s Skin?

Obviously, the number one priority for the dog sunscreen is to protect your dog from the sun’s harmful rays.

So it should be made very clear how it does this and how effective it is at doing it.

What are the Ingredients and Philosophy Behind the Dog Sunscreen?

Some pet sunscreens are made with totally natural, organic ingredients. Others are made with much stronger chemicals.

There are pros and cons to each, you have to make the decision over which you prefer, but we want to make sure you think about this as you are doing your research.

Is the Sunscreen Water Resistant?

If your dog is going to get wet, then you need to know that the sunscreen on your dog is water-resistant or not.

Either way, we always say to top after the dog is out of the water, but it is still useful to know, especially if your dog will spend all day getting wet and dry over and over.

Where is it Made?

Ideally, we think you should pick the USA made dogs sunscreen as the US has more strict regulations than some overseas countries might have.

You want to know the product is effective and protecting your dogs from sun exposure with UV protection and also contains nothing toxic that could harm them.

Does it Have Any Side Benefits Apart from Sun Protection?

Some sunscreen dogs can also have other useful properties, such as moisturizing the skin or healing sun-damaged areas.

How Easy is it To Apply and How Well is it Absorbed into the Skin?

The three main options for your dog are sunscreen spray, a sunscreen stick, or a tub with the stuff in it.

All three can be fine. Tubs are really easy; sticks and spray are ok but can be a bit messy.

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Sunscreen for Dogs FAQ’s

For the final section in this post, we are going to answer some of the most dog sunscreen frequently asked questions:

Can I Put Human Sunscreen On My Dog?

No, please do not apply sunscreen that is made for humans on your dog. The human ones can be toxic to dogs, so please do not risk making your dog sick.

We suggest that you should always stick to dog sunscreens. It is much to be safe than to be sorry.

Do Dogs that Have Pink Noses Need Sunscreen?

Yes, in fact, in hot, sunny weather, all dogs need to be protected from the sun with sunscreen. If in doubt, always please use it to avoid serious sun damage.

Is Zinc Sun Block Safe to Put on a Dog’s Nose?

No, we suggest that you do not use a human zinc block on your dog. It is toxic, and your dog might try to lick it off and make themselves sick.

Is There Sunscreen for Dogs? Is Sun Cream for Dogs Safe?

Yes, you can buy sun cream that is made specifically for dogs and is safe to use on all dog breeds.

Some breeds of dog have more need of it than others, breeds with thin or light-colored fur.

But in sweltering sunny weather, dogs should also wear some dog sunscreen alternatives to avoid mild and even serious health problems and skin damage from occurring.

Some Final Advice from an Australian Vet

To finish off this pet product reviews page, we have shared a video with advice from a vet.

She explains why your dog should be wearing sunscreen just in case we haven’t convinced you of that yet.

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