Should I Buy a Stroller For My Dog?

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We have all been on a walk in the park or around the neighborhood and seen someone either carrying their dog in their arms, in a doggy backpack, or pushing them in a stroller.

You first thought might be that the dog is lazy (or maybe that the owner is).

However, there are many reasons a dog might need a little help when going out and enjoying some fresh air and scenery.

This guide will help you if you need to get a stroller for your dog.

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When and Why are Dog Strollers Useful?

Before we get to the in-depth reviews, it is worth asking when and why strollers and pushchairs for pet dogs are useful for dog owners.

If You Have a Disabled, Injured, or Sick Pet Dog

As dog owners, we love our pets and see them as a part of the family. So we always want to give them the best life we possibly can, even if they are disabled or sick.

So buying a dog stroller and using it to take your sick or disabled pet dog out for walks is a really great way of allowing them to have a good quality of life even if they can’t actually walk very far without the stroller.

If Your Dog Is Overweight

Obviously, if you have an overweight dog, the pet needs to get as much exercise as possible to help them get a little bit leaner.

But that does not mean that you can’t use a dog stroller to help your chubby pet pooch to still enjoy their life by going for walks that are longer than they could currently manage.

If Your Dog Has Had an Operation and Needs to Rehabilitate

If your dog has had an operation at the vets and needs to recuperate and rehabilitate, you can use a dog stroller to keep up their spirits by giving them nice long walks where they get to enjoy the scenery.

If Your Dog Struggles to Keep On Long Walks

Some dogs may be too old, too little, or just not have enough energy to keep up on the longer walks that you and your family may enjoy.

It would be a shame to leave the dog at home (even small dogs deserve long walks!) so make sure you invest in a dog stroller for small dogs, and then you can take them with you.

If You Pet Dog is Very Hard to Control when You Go For Walks

Unfortunately, some dogs are very hard to control. They do not do what they are told around cars, other dogs, people, etc., no matter what they are told.

So taking them out on a dog stroller where their leash is attached to the stroller can allow them to enjoy the fresh air and the walks without getting into any trouble!

If Your Dog Can’t Keep Up with Your Jogging

You might have a perfectly fit and healthy dog, but it still can’t keep up with you when you go out jogging. Some pets just do not have the same stamina as their human owners (especially small dogs)!

So using a jogger pet stroller to take the dog out with you on your jog is the perfect way for you to make sure that you can both enjoy getting out and about.

FAQs – Strollers for Dogs

Can You Take a Dog Stroller into a Store?

This depends as each store will have its own policy, there is no one strict overall rule as to whether you are allowed to take a pet stroller into a store.

In some places, it will be a strict no, for example, anywhere where dogs are not normally allowed for hygiene reasons. This will apply the same rule to the dog, even if it is in a stroller.

However, for lots of shops, dogs in a stroller may be welcome even if dogs usually are not. If you think about it, one of the main reasons dogs are not allowed in stores is that they are under less control.

They could get into fights with other dogs. They could run around, causing mayhem and upsetting customers. They could damage items for sale in the store; they could even poop or pee in the store!

But with a dog in a pet stroller and securely leashed to the stroller, none of these are a risk.

Also, it means that the shop doesn’t miss out on potential customers if they allow the dog owners to bring their strollers carrying their dogs into the store.

On the other hand, if you think about reasons not to let the dog with a stroller into the store, there are some very fair reasons.

For example, other customers may have a dog allergy or be scared of dogs; dogs owners without a stroller may get jealous and complain; some dogs may be nosy and badly behaved even if they are in their stroller.

So you can see on both sides of this debate there are good reasons for saying yes or no to the pet strollers in the store.

We think the best thing to do is speak to the owner or manager or a member of staff before going in, and then you are sure you are not breaking the rules and giving dog owners a bad name.

strollers for dogs

Are Dog Strollers a Good Idea for My Dog?

That all depends on a few things related to your dog and your lifestyle:

  • Is your dog disabled, sick, overweight, or very old?
  • Is your dog tough to control in public places?
  • Does your dog struggle to keep up with you while you are out walking or jogging?

Is Your Dog Disabled Sick Overweight or Very Old?

If your dog struggles to get around for any of the above reasons, then YES, a dog stroller is a really great way to improve their quality of life and stopping their disability from making them unhappy.

Just by taking your pet out for a walk in their stroller, you can really give them a lot of pleasure.

The dog will enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and the other dogs that you bump into along the way. All of these things can help keep your pet dog happy and healthier, so why wouldn’t you buy a dog stroller?

Is Your Dog Very Hard to Control in Public Places?

If your pet dog is very hard to control in public, then taking them out for walks in a dog pram stroller is a great way of letting them enjoy the outdoors without causing too much havoc and mayhem!

The important thing to do is to make sure that the dog is securely and safely leashed to the pet stroller so that they can’t escape from it.

Obviously, if your dog is a bit hard to control, make sure you use the stroller’s safety features, such as rear security brakes and the seat belt leash that comes with the pet carrier.

Does Your Dog Struggle to Keep Up with You While You are Out Walking or Jogging?

Even some large dogs struggle to keep up on longer walks or when their owner is jogging so, you can imagine how hard it might be for smaller dogs.

So if this sounds like you and your pet dog, then yes, this is a great reason to invest in a pet stroller for dogs.

How Can I Get my Dog used to being in a Dog Stroller?

To get your dog used to being in a pet stroller is a simple but step by step process, which will, of course, vary from dog to dog.

So we will list the most cautious step by step process, and then you can make this fit your own dog.

  1. Introduce the dog to the pet stroller.
  2. Let them sit in the stroller.
  3. Leash them to the stroller and let them really get used to it.
  4. Take them for little walks around your home, garden, or yard.
  5. Take them for walks around the local area but staying close to your home.

Introduce the Dog to the Pet Stroller

When you have bought the dog stroller and got it home, you can show it to the dog, so they can sniff it, inspect it and realize that it is not a threat.

This might sound like overkill, and for some dogs, it will be, but most dog owners know that some dogs get very scared and aggressive around certain random household objects!

Let them Sit in the Stroller

Scoop up your dog and place them in the stroller, give them some treats, and praise them for being in the doggy pram.

If your dog seems nervous or unsure, you may need to repeat this process multiple times until they start to associate the stroller with treats and praise.

Let them see and sniff all the main features such as the main seating area of the storage space, the cup holders, the shiny stainless steel bits of the stroller, the air tires, etc., just get them so used to the stroller that they find it boring!

Leash them to the Stroller, So they Get Used To It

leash your dog to the stroller, leave them in it for increasingly longer periods, start with a few minutes, and gradually increase it.

You may want to do things like put up hoods, safety features, large storage basket, cup holders, any associated pet gear, and or mesh screen if they come with the stroller so that your dog also gets used to them.

Take them for Little Walks Around Your Home.

If your dog is still nervous and unsure about the pet stroller, take them for little walks around your home, this will get them used to the feeling of the buggy being in motion and the wheels turning.

Take them for Walks Around the Local Area

Once you are ready to take your dog out for a walk in the new pet stroller, start with short walks close to home.

This way, you will not overload the dog, and if anything does upset your pet, it will be very easy and quick to get them safely home again.

We understand that this might seem over the top for some dogs. If you are lucky and have a very laid back dog that does not get stressed out with new pet gear, then you can just plonk the dog in the stroller and enjoy the great outdoors!

What Size of Dog Stroller Does My Dog Need to Be Comfortable & Safe?

When thinking about the best size of stroller for your dog, the best thing to do is carefully consult the brand manufacturer’s guidelines to see what size would suit your dog.

Obviously, a large dog will need a much different stroller to a small dog, but there is also the stroller’s weight capacity and your pet to be taken into account.

To be honest, some quick research and then some common sense should be fine here. You are not looking for the perfect fit, just something that will be safe and comfortable for your dog.

Dog Strollers vs. Pet Carriers Which is Best for My Dog?

This depends on your dog and the reasons he or she may need a stroller or dog carrier.

Dog carriers are great in that they need much less room, you can take them more places (such as hiking on rough terrain), and they keep your dog very close to you at all times.

Against that, dog strollers’ benefits are that the dog is much closer to the ground, you do not have to carry the dog so you can take them much further (especially with a large dog), they are much more comfortable for both you and the dog.

So when asking which are better dog strollers or dog carriers, you should consider all these points before making your choice.

What are the Best Types of Wheels for Dog Strollers?

There are a few different options from the different types of wheeled pet strollers and the wheels that they have fitted.

  1. Plastic/EVA Wheels
  2. Rubber Wheels
  3. Air Ride Wheels

Plastic/EVA Wheels – These are made from a plastic and foam design. They are lightweight so really easy to push (useful for large dogs), but they can get stuck quite easily, so not great for rougher paths and terrain.

Rubber Wheels – Traditional rubber wheels great for roads and hard paths giving a really smooth ride but not so great for off-roading on rough ground.

Air Ride Wheels – These are wheels with inflatable ride tires, which means they are great for taking your dog stroller off-road on hard terrain. They are also great if you want to jog with a dog stroller.

Before You Go, Check Out This Short but Super Cute Dog Video

This video was too cute for us not to share it! Check out this little puppy hopping on to the baby stroller when it gets too tired to keep on walking. We hope this makes you want to take your dog out for a nice comfortable ride in a wheel pet stroller.

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