What is the Best Dog Nail Grinder?

Best Dog Nail GrinderHave you ever tried to clip or trim your dog’s nails?

If you are like me, you will find the experience to be a nerve-racking nightmare!

Years ago, we had had two pet poodles.

The chocolate-colored dog would scream and whine before you even started the nail grooming.

He just had to see the nail clippers, and he would get upset. And they were only the little ones you can use on cats!

The apricot-colored dog happily sat for me to clip his nails, but I hit the quick of the nail one time, and there was blood everywhere.

The dog didn’t make a peep, but I was traumatized at the sight of so much blood and felt really guilty.

Needless to say, I couldn’t cope with the whole ordeal and looked for a safer, more humane solution for trimming your dog’s nails to replace the dog clippers.

After having seen an interesting advert on television, I set out to research the top nail grinder for dogs for keeping dog nails nice and short with minimum fuss.

The Best Nail Grinders for Dogs – Quick Recommendations

Check out this short and sweet review of some of the best nail grinders for your dog:

Pupster Passion
Team Rating
Our Thoughts

Dremel. Click here to check prices...
5 stars
Best Grinder for Overall Value

Oster. Click here to check prices...
4.7 stars
Second Best Grinder

Ruff ‘n Ruffus. Click here to check prices...
4.5 stars
Good Value

Invenho. Click here to check prices...
4.2 stars
A Newer Brand

Wahl. Click here to check prices...
4.2 stars
Best Budget Buy
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Now Let’s Look at Key Features of the Top Dog Nail Grinders

NOTE – Please remember that when we show the yellow stars, that means we have taken the time to go through the product’s pros and cons (including key features) for each nail grinder.

These ratings are not to be confused with Amazon’s feedback on their product pages from other customers.

This is our team’s subjective opinion of each electric pet nail grinder.

What are the Best Canine Nail Grinders?

Dremel Dog Nail GrindingWhen searching for a nail grinder tool to shorten your dog’s nails, you are best off looking for an option that is a professional quality pet nail grinder.

The reason I say you want a professional nail grinder is not necessarily because pet salons use it, but rather because it is not a toy or a gimmick.

Remember that TV advert I told you about?

Well, I was one of the suckers to order that particular pet nail grinder. It was probably the first on the market a few years ago when nail trimming with nail clippers was the norm.

I was desperate to help our family pets, and I thought this grinder was the perfect pet nail grooming tool for the job.

I wondered why it took so long for someone to invent it after all Dremel tools had been around for ages.

Sadly, when I tried it, it was a piece of junk like most of these gimmicks are. The thing was so loud the dogs wouldn’t come near me with it running.

The motor was not powerful and actually irritated the dogs with its slow operation and inferior functionality.

Then, to top it off, the dog nail grinder didn’t file down any of the nails very much at all!

They were still basically the same length as when I started.

Finally, the tool got too hot in my hands, and the stench was unbearable.

I thought maybe I received a defective one, but then when the comments and reviews started to surface online, mine was just like everyone else’s.

So, when creating the pet nail grinder reviews page, we really wanted to find the very best quality grinders with the key features you need for your dog.

Okay, let’s get on to detailed and in-depth Nail Grinder Reviews and look into each of our recommended products’ details.

(We may receive a commission if you purchase from these links).

Best Dog Nail Grinder by Dremel | Pupster Passion Rating:

5 stars5.0 Stars

Battery Operated Dog Nail Grinding Tool

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Made by Dremel, a company very well known for its high-quality tools. They have been around since 1932 and stand by their name.
  • Dremel has the equipment and know-how to build grinding tools for woodworking and homemade furniture and saws for cutting and wheels for removing rust. I am surprised they never thought about making a dog nail grinder much earlier.
  • This professional dog nail grinder is not too heavy to hold. This is important because your hands can get really tired when working on the dog’s nails, especially if your dog wriggles a lot during the grinding. Not having to deal with using a nail grinder that is really cumbersome is ideal.
  • It runs with a rechargeable battery (Nickel-Cadmium), and a replacement can be bought from Dremel.
  • Fastening and locking features for the pet nail grinder bits are very secure, so that bit doesn’t fall out while grinding nails. That is one less thing to scare your pet dog, plus they won’t get hurt, and you won’t burn your fingers!
  • The kit comes with a grinding tool, battery, charger, mounting drum, five sanding bands, as well as a manual.
  • All their pet nail grinders come with a great two-year guarantee.
  • It doesn’t matter where we read about this model from Dremel on forum reviews and other sites, users all seem to love it, and they often report it is low noise, which is great for not scaring your dog.
  • Backup batteries and extra grinder accessories are sold separately.
  • Lots of videos (from Dremel and pet owners) for learning how to use a nail grinder safely on your pet dog.
  • It comes with the option of convenient gift-wrapping, which is especially helpful if you are sending a gift to your favorite dog lover. I don’t know about you, but the idea of buying this pet nail grinder as a pre-wrapped gift for dog-loving friends sounds great!

Con Paw DownCons

  • After reading various sites about dog care, we noticed that a few dog owners found the enclosed material to be a bit fiddly.
  • In a way, this is positive because many companies seem to forgo instructions and information nowadays. If you do better seeing than reading, then the online videos will help considerably when you trim your dog nails.

Dog Nail Grinder by Oster | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.7 stars

Super Quiet Pet Grinder with Plastic Safety Guard

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Another option from a company that most people have heard of is Oster. They are best known for their kitchen appliances. Again, they are reputable and stand behind their products.
  • This tool is a really great professional pet nail grinder for families with cats and dogs, as it can be used on both animals.
  • Has a catcher for filings. I hate that when debris drops on the floor and you need to find a way to clean up. The attachment is the ideal solution.
  • A safety guide makes me feel better about using dog nail grinders on my pets. Even though a grinder might be preferred over clippers, I still worry about filing too much and making the nails too short. Placing the nails in the plastic hole like you see in the video below is a great idea!
  • Simple to operate. NO charging time. AA batteries.
  • Best suited to smaller dogs and cats.
  • Includes four grinding bands.
  • Lightweight nail grinder for pets, which makes it nice and easy to use when you have to trim your dog nails.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • The package does not include a rechargeable battery. That is one more thing you need to buy use this particular pet nail grinder.
  • It may not be as powerful if you use regular batteries. Probably the alkaline will be more substantial.
  • The sales page is unclear about the warranty. We are not sure if there is one or how long it might be. That is odd because their other appliances certainly do have guarantees.

Canine Nail Grinder by Ruff ‘n Ruffus B07QNS7Y3B | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.5 stars4.5 Stars

USB Chargeable Pet Nail Filing Kit

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • When I did a quick search of the brand, I noticed that many people seem to know about the Ruff ‘n Ruffus doggie playpen.
  • From that, I would conclude that the company is well known, although I hadn’t heard of them until our team started working on these nail grinder reviews.
  • This model is a diamond bit grinder, which is tough enough for those big solid claws but still low noise when running.
  • Bonus package, which includes a nice storage bag, clippers, and grinding wheel. You might ask if we are doing reviews on nail grinders and why we would want the clippers. Typically, you might use them for trimming, not cutting the whole nail. Sometimes, the nails get these points at the end, and it is easier to trim off that part quickly than use the grinding tool for the hard, thick nail. To get the trimmers as part of the kit is a nice deal.
  • Safety cap to prevent grinding off too much and hurting the dog.
  • It works for many small animals, so if you have other types of pets, the best dog nail grinders can do double duty.
  • Works for six hours when the rechargeable battery is fully charged and includes a handy USB cord for charging, which means you are not limited to an electric outlet.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • When reviewing the material, we were unsure of the warranty on this product. The company does state, however, that the item comes with 100% satisfaction. I personally prefer to see an exact time limit clearly advertised so that I know what to expect.
  • At the time of this review, the pricing had been reduced dramatically, and I wonder if this is a one-time special or if the product would not be available soon. I wish it had been more clear.
  • On various forums where we checked users talking about these dog nail grinders, some felt that it was not as quiet as advertised and that it was not as powerful for larger-weight dogs.

Nail Grinder for Dogs by Invenho | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.2 stars4.2 stars

Re-chargeable USB Grinder Trimmer with Updated Power and Diamond Bit

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • One of the things I really liked is that this unit’s power has been increased.
  • We noticed that users were commenting about it not being very effective on large claws and couldn’t file thick nails. Since the company has updated this feature, we think it is great that they are listening to customers.
  • Works on different pets such as birds, cats, dogs, and rabbits.
  • Customers and their pets seem to love this tool. You always know that a customer is happy only when their furry baby is content.
  • It uses a diamond bit grinding wheel.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • It seems to be a newer company, which is completely fine. We don’t really have anything to go on about the company background like the other name brands.
  • The material says that it is a money-back guarantee, which is great, but at the same time, it says the item was sold by another person or company. Maybe it was bought out? We are not sure, but the wording is rather ambiguous. Also, I would prefer to know how long the warranty lasts.
  • It only comes with two grinding wheels.

Grinder for Dog Claws by Wahl | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.2 stars4.2 Stars

Power Corded Pet Nail Trimmer Grinder Kit

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • The American company has been around for 100 years.
  • The kit comes with a lot of pieces and accessories to help you trim the dog’s nails. And they give you a good solid case for storing everything.
  • One-year guarantee, but check the details for any limitations.
  • Extra and replacement supplies are available for purchase.
  • Lots of videos using the product.
  • Many customers seem to be happy with their purchases and find them useful for their dog’s nails.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • No safety enclosure.
  • Being corded and needing an electrical outlet, it does not come with a rechargeable battery. This could prove inconvenient. Depending on how long the cord is, you may not have a plug nearby, and it could be a tripping hazard if your dog moves around a lot.
  • Users indicate instructions are unclear for attaching the sanding drum.

Now that the Pupster Passion Team has completed its reviews on the best dog nail grinders, let’s look at other important factors when trying to work on your dog’s nails!

What Is the Quick?

What Should You Do if You Accidentally Cut the Quick When Trimming Your Dog’s Nails?

Dog NailsThe quick of the nail is a blood vessel.

There is also a nerve in the claw. Both, when cut, can be quite painful and create a dangerous situation.

I mentioned at the beginning that I cut the quick on one of our toy poodle’s claws. I couldn’t see it, to be honest, because of the different shades of the dog’s nails.

But what should you do if you accidentally cut the quick and cause it to bleed?

  • Please don’t panic, and don’t start crying as I did. In my case, the dog wasn’t screeching, so he probably didn’t feel it. However, if the dog is yelping, you need to work quickly to stem the blood flow.
  • You probably won’t have styptic powder around the house, but most people have cornstarch in the cupboard or pantry. Immediately grab some and get the dog’s nail into the powder. The cornstarch quickly helps the blood to clot.
  • If you don’t have cornstarch, you can also use baking soda, flour, baking powder, or fine dry oats. Anything that can absorb the blood and make a type of poultice will work.
  • Please don’t wash the blood off, as that will not make it clot. It has the reverse effect of thinning the blood. It will continue to bleed.
  • If the dog is in serious pain or cannot stop the blood, you will need to call the vet for either further instructions or an appointment.
  • By the way, if your pet dog hates you doing nail grinding, you ought to read this post about using a dog nail grinder if your dog is scared.

Note – Note hitting the quick is much easier when using the best dog nail grinders (not just a Dremel) when compared to dog nail clippers as they have guards to stop it from happening.

 The Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews

You might wonder why dogs even need their nails clipped since, in the wild, they don’t have anyone helping them with their nail grinding!?!

The main reason is domesticated animals don’t get enough of the same kind of exercise.

Dogs’ nails in the wild are continually scratching and digging at things, plus they run long distances with acts like natural nail grinding by wearing down the claws through friction.

My dog and I go to the park almost every day, yet he still gets very long nails.

They have been bad enough that when he scratches his ears or shoulders, they have bled from the sharpness of the claws.

The truth is our daily outing of an hour or two doesn’t even measure up to what wild animals do in a day.

Some dogs will bite their nails when they get longer but can’t always get them off completely.

Also, if the nails start to curl around, it is excruciating for walking.

Needless to say, we have to help our beloved pets, and since we are going to be choosing to file their nails, having the benefit of comparing products through professional dog nail grinder reviews saves a lot of time and research.

Dog Nail Grinder vs. Clipper

Are Grinders Better than Clippers for Your Dog?

For me, the choice between a professional dog nail grinder and using nail clippers is straightforward.

I would choose the pet nail grinder every single time.

I have used both, and let me tell you why I prefer the grinder.

I don’t know what is worse when trying to clip nails? Seeing the dogs scared and jumpy or be scared and crying because I might have hurt them.

When professionals clip dog nails using nail clippers, they do it with purpose.

When I do it, I am so nervous, and I am sure the dog feeds off my fear. Plus, you can’t make a proper cut when you hesitate.

I ended up splitting nails. And the longer you pause, then the dog starts yelping and pulling away.

Another problem for me is I have a big dog now.

He is close to seventy pounds, so if he wants to take off while I am clipping, I can’t hold him, the nail clippers, and his paw all at the same time.

On top of that, his claws are huge. It takes all my might to clamp down on the nail clippers and get the nails cut.

The pet nail grinder is a whole lot simpler and safer, in my opinion.

If the dog is used to the nail grooming tool, they won’t put up the same fuss as they might do when he saw the nail clippers come out.

Finally, if You Still Need Convincing of the Benefits of a Dog Nail Grinder to Help You Care for Your Pet Doggy

This is a very short video but well worth viewing. It is jammed packed with good information and pictures of a lady and her pup using the pet nail grooming tool to trim the dog’s nails.

You can see dog nail grinding, how it works, how relaxed and happy the dog is, and see the dog’s nails after the nail grinder has done its work.

We think and hope that you will agree that it is a really effective way of controlling a dog’s nails and inspire you to research nail grinders for your pup instead of using pet nail clippers and get the job done more easily:

BEFORE YOU GO! If you need to find a solution for your pet dog’s nail grooming in a rush. This is the dog nail grinder we recommend for your dog.