The Best Bolster Dog Bed

the best dog pet bed with microfiber coverIn the world of human beds, bolster beds are a bit old-fashioned and not really very popular.

But in the world of dog beds, they are widespread, and there are lots of good reasons why.

Built-in bolsters are great for dog beds for a few reasons.

They give the dog support to rest their heads or bodies on, and they help the dog feel snug and secure (like the pup is in a little nest).

The bolster walls also give the dog a feeling of den-like snugness and security. For dogs that suffer from anxiety for any number of reasons, we’ve picked out some beds that are really suited to that condition.

In this post, we will help you find the best bolster dog bed for your pup.

We have looked at most of the top-selling beds and picked out our top five favorites.

This review has two sections. First, we have created a comparison chart, and if you are in a hurry, this is the best place for you to start.

It is directly below and will help you find the best bed for your pup nice and quickly.

After that, we have examined each one of the five choices in much more detail. If you really want to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the bolster dog beds, this section has got you covered.

At a Glance Review of the Best Bolster Dog Beds

The Best Bolster Beds for Dogs – Detailed Reviews

Ok, as we promised earlier, we will now take our recommended bolster beds for dogs and look at each one of the brands in much closer detail.

Underneath the images for each type of bed, you will see our list of pros and cons and any other thoughts we have about each of the beds and how suitable they are for your pups to sleep on.

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PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed | Pupster Passion Rating:

5 stars5.0 Stars

How much does it cost?

Made by Pet Fusion, this orthopedic bolster dog bed made with a waterproof liner and a memory foam support mattress is our top choice for your pup.

What is so good about this particular bed? Let’s find out…

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • The mattress section of this bed is made from a four-inch memory foam base. This orthopedic foam supports the dog’s joints keeping them well up off the floor and with no pressure points.
  • For any dogs with joints issues and joint pain, such as canine hip dysplasia, an orthopedic bolster dog bed like this is a great option.
  • The bolsters are made from a generous filling of recycled cotton and a polyester blend of stuffing.
  • The cover made for this dog bed is water-resistant, removable, washing machine washable, dryer proof, and can be hand wiped for spot cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • The inner liner is fully waterproof to protect the inner core of the memory foam base.
  • Your dog will have plenty of head support from the wrap-around bolster while also feeling nice and snug inside their little nest bed.
  • It is available to purchase in four sizes, Small, Large, Extra Large, and Jumbo-sized. So it will be great for everything from toy breeds right up to the monster Mastiffs and Great Danes.
  • You can buy the bed in three stylish color options.
  • This bed is well made, stylish, comfortable, orthopedic, easy for you to clean, and waterproof. We think it is an excellent option if you are looking for the best bolster bed for dogs.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • Only having three colors to choose from isn’t ideal. We would love to see them add some more variety to their range. Obviously, this isn’t a deal-breaker, but we do like more choices if possible.

Furhaven Therapeutic Sofa-Style Dog Bed | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.7 stars

How much does it cost?

This sofa-style bolster bed from Furhaven is another one that we really like. Let’s look into the reasons why…

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • With bolsters fixed along three sides of this pet bed, it can provide your dog with the head support and feeling of security that bolster beds are so great at.
  • The mattress is constructed from a gel-infused memory foam base, and the bolsters are stuffed with a recycled cotton stuffing mix.
  • This orthopedic dog bed is easy to clean with a removable, machine washable, machine dryer-safe cover.
  • This bed also comes in five different sizes, and you can choose from Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, and Jumbo Plus.
  • It comes for you to buy in eleven different color schemes so you can choose one that suits your home decor.
  • In short, this is one of the best orthopedic bolster dog bed products we have found. We really like it and think your dog will as well.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • Not suitable for dogs that are very aggressive chewers or puppies that are teething.

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.5 stars

How much does it cost?

This Laifug Orthopedic Dog Bed could be just the thing for you if you own a larger dog.

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Made with a bolster running around most of the bed, your large dog will have plenty of head support, the comfort of the nest style design, and a little opening for them to stretch their legs out of.
  • Made with orthopedic foam for joint support, a non-slip base, stuffed bolsters, a removable, machine washable cover, and a waterproof lining to protect the mattress from any little accidents.
  • There is not much more to say. This is a stylish, comfortable, well-made, easy to clean orthopedic bolster dog bed.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • This bolster bed only comes in one size (large), so it is only suitable for certain breeds. Please check the dimensions before purchasing.
  • (That goes for this or any bed for your dogs that you buy online, ALWAYS check the sizes!)
  • You can only buy it in one color scheme, it looks really stylish, but we would have preferred more choices.

Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.5 stars

How much does it cost?

The next bed on our list of recommendations is the Villa Bagel Dog Bed made by the Pet Products team. Why is this on the list? Let’s find out…

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Bagel-style dog beds are really great for dogs that love to curl up in a tight little ball surrounded by snug support when they sleep.
  • This bagel bolster bed is stuffed with a Premium High Loft Polyester Fill, it has a 300/600 Denier waterproof base, and it is fully machine washable.
  • We LOVE the fact that the whole bed can go in the washing machine. This is such a benefit, especially if your dog spills dog food, drools, slobbers, or has any incontinence issues!
  • You can buy it in four sizes, 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch, and 52-inch. So it will be suitable for small up to large dogs but probably not the huge giant breeds.
  • It also comes in ten lovely, stylish color schemes for you to pick from.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • If your dog loves to stretch out their legs, this probably isn’t the right choice.
  • The bed has to be line dried and is not safe for a dryer. This is not a deal-breaker, but it is worth thinking about if you do not have a yard or outdoor space with a line to dry it on.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Elevated Bolster Dog Cot  | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.2 stars

How much does it cost?

This pet bed from K&H combines the classic elevated cot style of dog bed with the addition of bolsters for a really unique design.

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Cot-style dog beds that are raised off the floor surface offer some great advantages. They give much more air circulation around the bed, which helps cool the dog in hot weather. It also keeps the bed in more hygienic condition reducing the build-up of mold and mildew.
  • The dog sleeps on a cooling mesh center platform and can support its head on the bolsters.
  • It is easy to assemble, you don’t need any tools, and it comes with non-skid rubber feet.
  • You can use this bed inside or outside with no issues.
  • This dog bed can be bought for your dog in Small, Medium, or Large sizes.
  • It comes with a one-year, limited warranty from the manufacturer (always check details before buying if unsure).

Con Paw DownCons:

  • You can only buy this raised dog bed in one color. It is nice enough, but as we have said before in this post, we would prefer more choices to select from.

A Bolster Dog Bed Buyers Guide

So as you look around for the best dog bed for your canine companion, what features are the most important?

There are so many pet beds to choose from. What should you look out for?

What matters and what doesn’t (for different types of dogs)?

Let’s take a look:

  1. Size and shape of the bolster bed
  2. Is the bed made from orthopedic memory foam (what does that even mean?)
  3. Build quality and construction materials
  4. Is the dog bed easy to wash and clean?
  5. Can you buy replacement covers?
  6. Are the bed or the covers waterproof?
  7. Does it have a non-slip base made of rubber backing?
  8. Dog’s health or medical condition. For example, arthritis could do with some warming material to massage the sore joints.

bolster dog bed

Size and Shape of the Bolster Bed

Obviously, it would help if you made sure that the bed you buy your pup will be the right size, but you also need to consider the shape.

Do they love to curl up in a tight little ball when they are asleep? If so, a bagel-style bed would be best for them.

Do they love to support their heads but also stretch out their legs? If so, one of the wider, more rectangular-shaped bolster beds would be better with a pillow along the edges.

Is the Bed Made from Orthopedic Memory Foam (What Does That Even Mean?)

An orthopedic bed is where the memory foam supports the dog’s joints and holds them up off the floor.

These beds with orthopedic foam are great for all dogs but especially important for larger breeds and any dog with joint issues, canine hip dysplasia, injuries, etc.

So when looking at bolster dog beds, we strongly recommended you find one that has orthopedic foam to look after your dog’s joints.

Build Quality and Construction Materials

It is often worth paying a little more money to get a bed that will last much longer, especially for bigger dogs.

Is the memory foam of a high quality so that it won’t flatten after a few months of being slept on?

Is the dog bed cover made from a tough fabric? What is the pillow stuffed with?

Are the manufacturers confident enough in their bolster dog beds to offer them a guarantee of some sort?

Is the Dog Bed Easy to Wash and Clean?

All dog beds get a bit dirty and smell, but some dogs are dirtier than others.

If your dog slobbers and drools a lot if they love playing around in the dirt or having any incontinence issues, then making sure the bed you buy is easy to wash and keep clean is vital.

Can You Buy Replacement Covers?

Sometimes bed covers get chewed by dogs; sometimes they get worn thin, sometimes they fade and lose their colors.

If you can buy replacement covers, you can get more value for money from your best dog bed.

Is the Bed or the Covers Waterproof?

Ideally, the best dog bed will have a water-resistant outer cover, a waterproof inner cover, and a slip-proof base.

This means any leakages that may occur from your dogs do not do any lasting damage to the bed or your home.

Does it have a Non-Slip Base Made of Rubber Backing?

The slip-proof base is great for stopping the dog bed from being dragged or slid across your kitchen floor surface.

As a pet parent, you want to bed to stay where it is supposed to, and the right base will be the best way to help with that.

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Ok, so that is it for this post about the best dog bed for your pet dogs.

As pet parents to some amazing dogs ourselves, we know how important it is for other pet parents to give their dogs the happiest, coziest, snuggest lives possible.

So we do our best to share the best dog product reviews that we can, and we appreciate you taking the time to visit our little website.

We hope our advice and information about the best dog beds helps you to love and care for your dogs as well as you possibly can.