Am I Ready for a Puppy?

householdHere at Pupster Passion, we are passionate about all dogs (there’s a clue in the name), but we have a specials place in our hearts for puppies.

So we totally understand why you might be asking if you are ready to bring a new pet puppy into your home and your family.

They are so cute, funny, and lovable. What sane person wouldn’t want one?

But we also passionately believe in responsible dog ownership and in doing everything we can to promote it.

So in this post, we will help you decide if now is the right time for you to add a new furry family member to your home.

How to Know That You Are Ready for a Puppy?

Keeping the answer to this question short and simple, there are three main areas you need to think about when considering if you should become a dog parent.

  1. Do you have enough free time to care for the young animal?
  2. Can you afford your new puppy?
  3. Do you have the right mindset to care for a young dog?

Let’s look at each one in detail…

Do You Have Enough Free Time?

Do you have enough free time in your life to care for and train a new pet dog?

Do you have the time to deal with potty and dog obedience training?

To give the dog regular walks, make sure they have enough food?

To spend time playing and engaging with them, so they don’t feel lonely or bored?

This will probably take up far more of your time than you might think, especially when the dog is very young. They are going to take up a lot of your time.

So, please be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you currently have enough free time to be ready for a dog.

To help understand your situation better, maybe one of the questions you might think about is what exactly you need to do when the new dog actually comes home.

NOTE – Adult dogs are typically much easier to look after than puppies, so if you have limited spare time, you might want to adopt your dog from a rescue shelter instead.

And you also get the added bonuses of giving an unwanted dog a new forever home!

Can You Afford Your New Puppy?

First, you will need to buy the dog. Depending on the breed, this can run into the thousands of dollars.

You can cut this cost down by getting a rescue dog, but there will still be a fee you have to pay.

Then being a canine pet parent is not cheap. Your pup will need regular veterinarian care, feeding, dog toys, beds, possibly insurance, etc.

And food doesn’t only include meals, but also, nice and nutritious morsels that can be used for rewarding good behavior or just plain for being so darn lovable!

It all adds up and could be way more money than you expect. Some medicals operations, for example, can run into the thousands.

Of all the costs of owning a dog, vet bills are often the biggest, and there is more to think about than annual visits.

There are also potential health issues that might pop up, plus you will probably want to get the dog spayed or neutered at some point, and of course, you will have to take them to the vet to get their vaccinations (and boosters jabs).

Do You Have the Right Mindset to Care for a Young Dog?

Are you fully aware of the time, cost, and energy demands the dog will put on your life?

Are you ready for cleaning up puddles and dog poop?

Are you ready to spend hours each week training your dog to behave well?

Are you ready for the change to your social life having a dog will cause?

If you live with other people (flatmates or family), are they on the same page about what to expect if you get a dog?

Can you cope with all the dog hair in your home and the regular grooming sessions you will need to carry out?

Being ready for a dog means being ready to change your lifestyle, habits, and routines massively.

You are adding a new member to your family household. You need to be mentally prepared for this.

NOTE – Taking the time to think about what breed of dog you get can make a big difference to how much effort you need to put into them.

For example, a fully grown English Bull Dog will need to sleep about 3-4 hours than an adult Border Collie so that a Bulldog will be less of a burden on your time.


Is it the Right Time for You to Get a Puppy?

Do you want some advice from a professional dog trainer?

This short video (featuring the gorgeous chocolate Labrador puppy Deuce) has some great advice to help you make the best decision about a potential new pet dog.

As we said earlier, we really want you to think it through carefully as you decide you are ready for a dog, so the more information you can take in, the better.

What to Expect with Your New Dog

You might also find this video interesting if you are thinking about becoming a new pet parent.

The owner and the gorgeous young boxer puppy cashew nut discuss some things about living with young dogs that you might not expect and some tips on how to cope.

It’s got some really great advice in it for you and your dog, and we really recommend you take a few minutes out of your day to watch it.

Ok, that is the end of this post. We hope that it has given you some food for thought and helps you to decide if now is the right time for you to become a new dog parent.

Responsible dog ownership is a long-term obligation and a serious commitment, so well done. And thank you for taking the time to think it through before making the move to get a dog.

If you do welcome your dog into your house and your heart, we wish you good luck and hope it’s a joyous experience.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.

The Pupster Passion Team

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