Seven Fascinating Breeds of Dog

Humans and dogs have been living and working together for a very, very long time. In fact, according to some estimations, Dogs Have Been Man’s Best Friend for Around 33000 Years!

In that time, dogs have been shaped and bread into a massive variety of breeds (and, of course, many loveable mongrels).

Here at, we like to all celebrate cute ones, grumpy ones, young ones, and also older dogs in any way we can, so in this post, we will talk about some of the more fascinating dog breeds and what they were originally bred for.

Obviously, this is far from a complete list. That would take a very large book.

Here is our list of fascinating dog breeds:

Hungarian Puli

These dogs don’t just have a great history, but they also look amazing. They are one of the most distinct looks breeds we know of and never fail to get lots of attention.

Puli’s originated from Hungary and were bred to herd sheep on the large plains.

They have an extremely long thick coat (often gaining them the nickname of Rasta dogs) to keep them warm during the long, tough winters in that area.

An ancient breed, to this day, they still have very strong herding instincts and will try to round anything up from a toddler to a Rottweiler!

Here is a great video introducing the breed. We think you will agree they are adorable little creatures!

(Also, please be aware that the breed can suffer from separation anxiety if left home alone too long).

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Famous as some of the bravest dogs every bred, originating from the Southern part of Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred for hunting lions!

Packs of them would be used to corner a lion, which would then be shot by the hunter.

Nowadays, they are loved family pets and the most loyal of guard dogs.

They are always very easy to spot, as they have a ridge of fur running from tail to head, unlike any other breed of dog.

(By the way, if you own a dog that struggles with stress and anxiety, you might enjoy this post about comfy calming beds for dogs).

Live Stock Guardian Dogs

Livestock guardian dogs aren’t actually a breed of dog but more like a type of dogs, such as sighthounds or herding dogs. However, they are so remarkable we just had to squeeze them into our list.

Their job is to protect flocks and herds. They are still bred and worked all over the world. They all do a very similar job.

They live with the farm animals out in the fields and protect them from any predator, from wolves to eagles!

Sheep and goats love them. All predators hate them.

Newfoundland (aka Newfies)

Newfoundland’s or Newfies hail from Eastern Canada. They are a giant breed and come with a very thick, long coat.

They were bred to thrive in the water. They are amazing swimmers. Their two main jobs are managing fishing nets and saving drowning people.

However, they are also known as nanny dogs, as they are so great with children.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed of dog bred as guard dogs to ward off people, wolves, and even tigers.

They are immensely powerful, very loyal, and can live outdoors in all climates due to their thick coat.

Considered by some as the ultimate guard dog, they are famous for being incredibly brave.

As you can see from this video, you would much rather be on their side than against them!

St Bernard

St Bernard’s are an amazing breed of dog. They come from the Great St Bernard mountain pass in Switzerland.

They were bred to help rescue travelers who had got lost in the snow.

Brave, gentle, and powerful; these dogs saved many hundreds of lives in their heyday.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows are on this list because they look amazing, especially if you love hairy dog breeds like these.

Short, stocky, and with a large mane of hair, they really do look like lion dogs from some angles and teddy bears from others.

They are one of the most ancient breeds in existence.

Over the centuries, they have done many jobs, including guarding temples from ghosts, hunting, and more recently, of course, as family pets.

Well, we really hope that you enjoyed our list of fascinating dog breeds. Please feel free to comment below with your own suggestions.

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